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2013 Conference Sessions: Online Video Series

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One low price of $50.00 lets you access more than 12 hours of video including 14 plenary sessions and the bonus presentation "Eating on the Weil Side," featuring a cooking demonstration with Dr. Andrew Weil. Watch them streaming online as often as you like for 90 days.

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The Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine is now offering access to online video of the plenary sessions from the 10th Annual Nutrition & Health Conference held in May 2013 in Seattle. If you attended the conference, this is a great way to reference the information-packed content you enjoyed and if you missed the 2013 conference, this is your chance to experience some of what makes the Nutrition & Health Conference the nation's premier nutrition conference for health professionals.

Plenary Listing

  • Plenary #1: 'A Call to Action' at 10 Years: Perspectives on Nutrition Issues of Key Importance to Public Health - Andrew Weil, MD and Fredi Kronenberg, PhD

  • Plenary #2: Optimal Diet - Andrew Weil, MD

  • Plenary #3: Phytochemicals: Do Excess Calories, Environmental Contaminants, Bacteria, and Viruses Determine Their Dietary Needs? - John Milner, PhD

  • Plenary #4: Public Policy Panel: Roberta Friedman, ScM, and Kenneth Pelletier, MD, PhD

  • Plenary #5: Be Fruitful: The Role of Nutrition in Fertility - Victoria Maizes, MD

  • Plenary #6: Nutrition, Epigenetics and Cancer Panel: Roderick Dashwood, PhD: Epigenetic Trinity Meets Nutrition & Johanna Lampe, PhD: Nutritional Modulation of Signal Transduction

  • Plenary #7: Intestinal Microbiota in Health and Disease - Justin Sonnenburg, PhD

  • Plenary #8: Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD: Antioxidants 101 & Tieraona Low Dog, MD: Antioxidants: A Clinician's Perspective

  • Plenary #9: Robert Superko, MD: Omega 3 Fatty Acids: New Evidence Indicating Blood Levels Reflect Cardiovascular Benefits & Steven Devries, MD: Interventional Cardiology Delivered With a Fork

  • Plenary #10: Battle of the Weight Loss Diets: Is It Just Calories? - Christopher Gardner, PhD

  • Plenary #11: Controversies in Nutrition - Alan Gaby, MD

  • Plenary #12: Nutrient, Supplement, and Drug Interactions - Tieraona Low Dog, MD

  • Plenary #13: Nutritional Aspects of Patient Care: Case Studies Panel - Randy Horwitz, MD, PhD

  • Plenary #14: True Food: A Model for Healthy Restaurants - Andrew Weil, MD and Chef Michael Stebner

  • Bonus: Eat on the Weil Side - Andrew Weil, MD

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