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NHC food prep and allergy information:

The Nutrition & Health Conference meals and tastings are not only delicious, but also adhere to the high-standards we set forth in the teachings of the conference, and embody the guidelines of the anti-inflammatory diet. We work with the hotel executive chef and our own chef to come up with the brain food you need to experience and absorb all the great info you'll get at the conference. Health-promoting food can be extremely tasty, and we prove it!

Our meals will be free of MSG, preservatives and artificial sweeteners. We try our best to accommodate the allergies and lifestyle choices of our guests, and are preparing vegetarian and gluten-free separately. All sauces are prepared gluten-free, and when in doubt, check the print or online menus, or ask allergy-friendly hotel staff. Please be advised, however, that we are working in a large hotel kitchen and don't have total control of workspace and airborne elements.

Buffet meals will have placards listing the meal items, wait staff can answer your questions about plated dishes, and you can defer to the Nutrition & Health Conference mobile site for menus and potential allergy issues.

Vegetarian/vegetarian: We will not be serving shrimp, shellfish, red meat, chicken or pork. Please advise wait staff if you require a special meal.

Gluten-free: most dishes and desserts are gluten free. The Chef will not be using malt, soy sauce (we do use Tamari) or thickeners.

Lactose intolerance: we've tried to provide dairy substitutes, and kept most dairy out of the meals, but potential allergens will be listed on the website.

Other allergies: We received special requests on a number of allergies including nuts, soy, corn, peppers, apples, legumes and onion. Should you have any concerns, please ask staff.

Menu will be posted in April 2014