The University of Arizona

Dessert can be delicious and [shh…don’t tell anyone] healthy! We served alumni martinis of fresh fruit and house baked "Legal" cookies at our 2012 Nutrition & Health Pre-conference.

Dr. Weil tells AzCIM alumni about the exploration of nature, the meaning of life, and consciousness within various cultures as it relates to health and overall well-being at our 2012 Nutrition & Health Pre-conference.

Attendees of the annual Nutrition & Health Conference are invited to expand their palates to delicious, colorful and nutritious foods that fit within the anti-inflammatory diet. This tasting opportunity at the annual Nutrition & Health Conference featured seasonal grilled vegetables with baked falafel and tzatziki dipping sauce. For more information about the anti-inflammatory diet, visit our resources page.

An ask-the-experts panel at the annual 2012 Nutrition & Health Conference in Boston in April, brought together the nation’s leading health professionals and thought leaders.

Fellowship in Integrative Medicine alumna, class of 2005, Bridget Bongaard, MD,FACP, catches up with AzCIM Executive Director Victoria Maizes, MD, at the 2012 9th Annual Nutrition & Health Conference.

Chef Nina Simonds prepares intoxicatingly aromatic dishes from her latest book, Simple Asian Meals, in a cooking demo at the 9th Annual Nutrition & Health Conference.

Wendy Kohatsu, MD, and Chef Nina Simonds speak on "Spices of Life: Exploring the Health Benefits of Asian Cuisine" to an audience of health professionals, giving them practical application of Asian cooking techniques they can take home and to their patients.

Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio take 2012 Nutrition & Health Public Forum guests on a photographic exploration of demographic and global meal traditions and customs, with vivid photography and insightful sociological commentary on international eating habits.

Nutrition & Health Public Forum attendees are lead in a laughter therapy exercise. Studies indicate that laughter can increase immune response, lower blood sugar level and improve relaxation and sleep, as well as having powerful mental health benefits.