Integrative Mental Health Conference 2019

Our goal is to provide health practitioners with an understanding of how integrative modalities play a role in maintaining and improving mental health.

Why You Should Attend

The Integrative Mental Health Conference will help prepare mental health professionals to advise their patients about integrative methods to enhance mental well-being. This conference will provide attendees with essential information on:

  • The use of diet and nutritional supplements to foster mental wellbeing
  • The ways in which mind-body connections, mindfulness, and spirituality are essential components of mental health
  • The integrative treatment of common mental health conditions
  • A variety of successful models to incorporate integrative mental health into clinical practice
  • Emerging research about brain biology, microbiome, psychedelics, positive psychology, addiction, and trauma

What you will learn

Upon conclusion of the conference, attendees will be able to:

  • Recognize the role of trauma and adverse childhood experiences in the development of mental illness
  • Discuss new therapeutic options for preventing and/or treating mental illness
  • Recommend ways to enhance flourishing mental health and well-being
  • Incorporate integrative approaches into clinical practice when treating common mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, bipolar, trauma, ADHD, and autism
  • Discuss the neuroscience of addictions as well as integrative strategies to approach them
  • Understand the relationship between foods and nutrients and mental health
  • Distinguish the dietary supplements which are most effective in treating common mental health disorders
  • Recognize the emerging science on the impact of the microbiome on mental health and disease
  • Provide nutritional advice to patients for prevention and treatment of mental health problems
  • Discuss micronutrient deficiencies that may contribute to mental illness
  • Converse with patients about spirituality and mental well-being
  • Evaluate the benefits and risks of nutrition, supplement, mind-body, sleep, movement, and pharmaceutical recommendations for specific mental health conditions through an analysis of existing scientific and clinical evidence
  • Discuss current controversies and state of the science regarding cannabis and psychedelics in mental health treatment

The topic and program for this conference were developed by a prominent national advisory group and informed by a focus group meeting of mental health providers held at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine in February 2018.