After the conference, you will be able to download your certificate from the conference website (nutritionandhealthconf.org/conference/myAccount.html). You must have completed a conference evaluation and the Claim Credit form (both available online) prior to accessing your certificate(s). To access the evaluation and claim credit form, visit the conference web site, log in and click on "My Account" to view the My Account page. Please note that if you are claiming ACPE credit, your certificate will not be available on the web site. You will receive your certificates via CMEsolutions and your accrediting organization. See your CME handout for details.


Check in only once at the Registration Table upon arrival. It is not necessary to check in every day.

Claiming Credit

As a conference attendee, you can claim credit for the plenary sessions and only the breakout sessions for which you are registered. If you attended a different session than one for which you registered, access the "Update registration" link on your "My Account" page to update your breakout sessions choices. Claiming credit must be completed by August 3, 2017. If you are claiming ACPE credit, you will need to complete the claim credit form and a certificate request form by June 1, 2017. The certificate request form will go to CMEsolutions and they will facilitate your certificate with your accrediting organization. See your CME handout for details.


Conference attendees must complete a general conference survey as well as surveys for the plenary sessions and individual breakout sessions. You may only evaluate breakout sessions for which you are registered. To update your registration, use the update link on the My Account web page on the conference web site.


If a speaker submitted handouts, they will be available on the conference web site until September. Visit the Nutrition & Health Conference web site, log in and the links to the presentations will appear on the agenda web page. Please note that you must be logged in for the handout links to appear on the agenda page.

My Account Page

Your conference details are available from this page. Evaluations, the claim credit form, and certificates are available on the My Account web page once the conference has ended. To access the My Account page, visit nutritionandhealthconf.org, log in and click on "My Account" at the top right.

Food Allergies - I'm allergic to something specific, and have special dietary needs. How do I know whether certain dishes are safe to eat?

For the convenience of our attendees, we've labeled all the menu items for most potential allergens and dietary choices, like gluten- and dairy-free. Menus will be posted on meal tables and buffets. Due to the size of our conference, we are not able to accommodate individual requests, but your wait staff has been informed as to the ingredients in the dishes they are serving, so if you have any specific questions, please ask wait staff.

Recipes - Where do I get the recipes for meals and snacks served at the conference?

The menus are designed in collaboration with the hotel's Executive Chef and our consulting Chef Rebecca Katz, who has authored three books from which we pull recipes. Because many of these recipes are proprietary, we cannot share them all, but we will send attendees some of the more popular recipes with the chefs' permission following the conference. If you love a particular dish and have Twitter, please let us know using #NHConference, and we will distribute recipes accordingly (plus, we'd simply be happy to hear about what you're enjoying!).


If you pre-ordered a copy of the syllabus, it will be available when you check in at the Registration Desk.

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