Paul Abramson, MD

Dr. Paul Abramson founded My Doctor Medical Group, an integrative private medical practice in San Francisco, and is also a member of the Clinical Faculty at the University of California San Francisco. He applies an integrative perspective to all aspects of his practice, with particular expertise in primary care medicine, hospital medicine, travel medicine, addiction medicine, medical advocacy and house calls. Dr. Abramson is dually board-certified in Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine, and completed a Residential Senior Fellowship at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine under Dr. Andrew Weil. He also holds degrees from Stanford University in Electrical Engineering, and is actively involved in health technology development with a special interest in health information privacy. He frequently writes and speaks on topics relating to his medical and technology interests, and is developing innovative medical practice models that bring the doctor-patient relationship back to the center of our health care system.

Visit Dr. Abramson's website: My Doctor Medical Group or find him on Twitter and Facebook.