Vivian Shi, MD

Dr. Vivian Shi is a board-certified dermatologist and an Assistant Professor of Medicine in Dermatology at the University of Arizona, where she directs the Eczema and Skin Barrier Research Program and Follicular Disorder Clinic. Dr. Shi is also the principal investigator of a number of clinical studies related to eczema, including studying the role of skin barrier repair, natural oil moisturizers, microbiome, quality of life, and skin pain in eczema patients. She is also a member of the Shared Decision Making Expert Panel at the National Eczema Association, and a co-editor of an eBook called “Integrative Approaches to Eczema”. In 2017, she was awarded the Patient Directed Investigation Grant from the Dermatology Foundation to study the link between skin barrier, anti-oxidants, and inflammation in patients with eczema. Her skincare philosophy is that skin health is best addressed by incorporating both inside-out and outside-in approaches, paying special attention to the power of the mind-body-environment interaction.