Celine Riera,

I am a sensory physiologist with expertise in metabolism and aging. My research is focused on the discovery of neural circuits regulating metabolic balance in the context of obesity, diabetes, and the aging process. My lab studies the role of central and peripheral sensory neural circuits on metabolic health and aging. Our mission is to discover novel target genes playing a fundamental role in the onset of diabetes and obesity, and design pre-clinical strategies to ameliorate metabolic function in mouse models of disease. I currently hold a Pathway Program Initiator Award from the American Diabetes Association. Our main focus is on neuron-tissue communication to maintain homeostasis during aging, diabetes, and obesity. In previous publications, we have demonstrated that sensory receptors expressed in afferent sensory neurons can influence the rate of metabolism during aging, identified key neuropeptides and molecular targets to mediate this effect, and evidenced a circuitry between olfactory neurons and central regulation of energy balance.