The following testimonials were acquired through an independent survey of past attendees.

"Absolutely excellent! Incredibly knowledgeable speakers and very informative with case studies to back what was being said. Loved it!"

"I learned so much. The conference also affirmed, with scientific evidence, my beliefs over the years of the direction medicine is going and the direction in which it needs to go."

"Thank you so much for opening this door of thought so that we can open our minds in service to our patients!"

"I have learned more from this conference than any other I have attended. It will have an immediate impact on how I counsel all of my patients from this point forward."

"It feeds me every year?intellectually, physically, and psychologically/emotionally."

Previous Years' Testimonials

"Overall, the conference was SUPERB. Very informational and the speakers were truly an inspiration. I plan to implement many of the suggestions presented at this conference. Also I plan to advocate for significant changes in the food industry for a healthy America."

"Wonderful conference! I have learned so much valuable information that will directly impact my patients and their efforts to maintain/regain good health. I wish I had received some of this information in medical school or during residency"

"Amazing conference! Well put together, delicious food and friendly vendors. I look forward to coming back!"

"Once again, this conference amazes me, empowers me and educates me. Thank you! So much great energy and information?the question upon leaving always is 'What do I do with this?' I think it is great that this conference moves us to ask this question and to change our individual and professional practices."

"Multiple patients have been able to decrease medication doses for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia, after following dietary recommendations gathered from your conference."

"I learned so much at the conference. I think it?s outrageous that we don't get this information in medical school."

"This conference is the best nutrition conference for health care professionals."

"Was by far and away the most informative, interesting conference I have been to in years. Best of all, the food served reflected the topics discussed and was OUTSTANDING."

"Best conference I have ever attended?far surpasses any of the usual primary care conferences I attend."

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